Unless you are sweeping past the normal stop times, use only the songs
indicated on the format clock (inside circle) at their designated times.
If you are sweeping past the normal stop times, continue to follow the
music in order up to the point at which you will be stopping (or to the
point at which the next sweep starts if you don't stop at all) and
THEN fill with "30's" until you reach that point in actual time. On
Weekends, fill with "G" "30" etc. Use jingles that are appropriate
and conform to the rules set up in the jingle usage guide. When in
doubt about what jingle to play in a sweep, use a MORE MUSIC jingle.

If you must drop a song due to a time problem, drop a "30".

A "30" means just a song from the Top 30. The checksheet and/or
stacks (whatever music system is used) should be divided into two
groups, the first being the main stuff, ...everything that is a hit or
is hot and moving up, and the other group being about a half a dozen
of the songs that are on their way out and more important in midday
than any other time. The second group should not be played more than
twice an hour, and it is really not necessary for the drive and
evening men to touch it at all. Above all, these dead songs should
not be used as a kickoff song out of the hour and halfhour I.D.s.
It is up to the jock to achieve good balance in selecting '30's".
He should make sure that he skips around the Hot 30 and doesn't play
too many from either the bottom or top of the list.

A "HB" record is, obviously, a HITBOUND record. The only rule on
hitbounds is that you should not repeat any hitbound in your show
until you have played them all once. This also applies to the A group
of "30s"

"G' means Golden. Once a Golden check system is set up do not play
goldens that have already been played and checked off, regardless of
hitline requests. A golden should also not be repeated on a Million
Dollar Weekend. Vary your goldens from different bags of music. Vary
the years from which you pick your goldens. If you go back more than
4 or 5 years for a golden, make the next one very recent.

Do not play the number one song except when called for as part of the
feature ...Number One then --Number one now.

Do not play double golden except when called for as a feature.